About North Idaho Pavers

It all started with Richard who began farming and finish grading as a young teen-ager in Southern California, he has stayed with it for the last 55 years. For 10 of those years, landscaping was also a large part of his business. He has lived where the tall timber grows for the last 44 years and has been working in hardscaping and agriculture for the last 25 years. All those years of finish grading now serve him well, since an exact grade is crucial to a beautifully completed hardscaping project. Watching the growth of his family is his greatest joy, and especially being “Grandpa”.

Nephi has worked with his dad from day one. Timber was his first love, and at the ripe old age of 18 he earned his Timber Operators license from Mendocino College, cut his own trees, milled the lumber, and began building what would be his family's first home. He became interested in hardscaping. He apprenticed in Boise, Idaho. He then proceeded to teach his dad everything he had learned in hardscaping like his father taught him in finish grading. Their first paver job was done with Paving stone Manufacturing in Medford, Oregon. Nephi is a perfectionist and takes pride in all he does from start to finish. His work ethic developed at an incredibly young age continues with him to this day.

Penny is the mother of four beautiful children: Micayala 15, Nephi 14, Moroni 12 and McKenna 7. She and Nephi are both wonderful parents and love doing things together. Penny is the company bookkeeper, customer relations and contract specialist. Penny is glad that she is now able to devote more of her time to taking an active role in the business since 2004. Her friendly and outgoing personality serves very well in communicating and providing the resources to excellent customer service and accounting functions that make her department a success. Penny and Nephi are anxious to take the business to the next level.

Mary Ann, wife of Richard, mother of Nephi and grandmother (which, by the way, is the most fun of all that is why I handed down my skills to Penny!). Many years I served as the Secretary, bookkeeper, and paver-layer, oh all the hats we have worn, but all of them worth it. Mary Ann is proud of her family for the things they have accomplished and our dreams for the future; for the family they love and the customers they serve. We look forward to meeting with you and discussing the great prospects our family has to offer, for your hardscaping needs.

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