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Excavation ServicesSet your construction project off to a solid start by having North Idaho Pavers take care of all the digging. We are your one-stop-shop to handle your project from excavation to completion. We are experts in dig outs and backfills for new home construction, as well as driveways, roads, foundations, utility lines, and more. With our hassle-free service, we even haul off any materials that need to be removed.

Many homeowners don’t own the equipment required to adequately get the job done. From excavators and skid steers, to backhoes and bulldozers, we safely operate the right equipment for your job. Consult the professionals at North Idaho Pavers to complete your project in a safe and timely manner.

Most construction projects start in the dirt. To set the stage for a successful job, you’ll first need to do some digging to make sure the rest of the project can run smoothly. Excavation might seem like a simple job on the surface, but it requires the right blend of experience and equipment to be handled properly.

For your upcoming excavation project, turn to North Idaho Pavers right away. Our team understands how to move dirt safely to get your land ready for what is to come next, and we have the necessary equipment to make quick work of the task. Reach out today to learn more or to request a free quote.

Endless Possibilities

On the most basic level, excavation is about digging a hole in the ground. But what is that hole going to be for? That’s where things get a little more complicated, as excavation work can be used for many different reasons. The excavation work we do at North Idaho Pavers is always carefully tailored to the specific project at hand. Some of the many reasons our clients have called on us for excavation projects include those listed below.

  • New home builds. If a client is getting ready to build a new home and needs to have a hole dug to make room for the foundation of that home, we have the equipment and experience to do the job properly.
  • Utility projects. We can also work with governmental agencies and other groups to move the earth around so utility lines can be placed properly. On this type of project, we’ll be particularly careful with our digging, so we disturb as little of the ground as possible while making room for the lines to be laid and then covered up once again.
  • Driveways and roads. Sometimes, excavation work will be needed even if you don’t plan on building a structure on top of the land in question. For instance, we can remove dirt when you plan on having a new driveway poured, or even a road installed. It’s important that this type of work is done evenly and consistently across the area so the next step of the project can begin as soon as possible.
  • Remodeling. Depending on the size of the remodel and the type of building in question, you might need to have some excavation work done before the rest of your remodel can proceed.

Removing Unwanted Materials

In some cases, the dirt that is pulled from the earth on an excavation project will be utilized somewhere else on the property, often as fill. When that’s not the case, we are happy to haul off leftover materials, so they don’t get in your way and cause problems moving forward. In the end, we are aiming to make the whole experience as easy and convenient as possible for each of our customers. If you have any questions about how our excavation jobs work, don’t hesitate to give us a call and our friendly team will be happy to assist.

A Selection of Tools

One of the most important benefits you’ll get from hiring North Idaho Pavers for this project is access to our talented and experienced team. Additionally, you’ll also find that we have the right equipment available for projects both big and small. Some of the options we’ll consider based on the details of the project include bulldozers, backhoes, skid steers, and excavators. It’s not always about using the biggest and most powerful machine available – rather, it’s about picking out the right option that is going to get the job done efficiently without doing unnecessary harm to the surrounding area.

Safety is Always Our Priority

Yes, we want to complete this excavation project for you in a timely manner so you can move on with your plans, but nothing will ever come at the expense of safety when North Idaho Pavers is involved. Staying in business for years doesn’t happen by accident, and it doesn’t happen when accidents are occurring on a job site. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and you can trust that we will always operate safely while on your land.

Don’t trust your excavation needs to a company that doesn’t have the experience to do the work properly the first time. Poor excavation work can put your project behind schedule and lead to additional expenses. Reach out to North Idaho Pavers today and we’ll be happy to discuss this project with you and explain what we can bring to the job. Thank you for visiting!

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