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Putting Greens SandpointHone your putting skills with premium putting green golf turf. We use putting green turf that's made from high-quality nylon for increased durability and resistance to wear and tear. Our putting green grass offers the rich look of real grass with our environmentally friendly synthetic grass and turf products. Our team of experts will help you design your fully customized putting green!

Putting greens have been shown to increase home values, provide quality recreation, improve golf skills, and are an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property. At North Idaho Pavers, we not only install your putting green, but also educate you on its maintenance, enabling it to last for years to come.

Maintaining a natural grass putting green is simply too much work for the average residential or commercial property. Unless you are operating an actual golf course, the time and money needed to keep a putting green in good condition are just not worth it.

An artificial putting green, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. Modern nylon turf performs beautifully for putting, looks great throughout the year, and needs virtually no maintenance. If you’d like to be able to work on your putting skills without even getting in the car to head to your local course, North Idaho Pavers would be happy to complete this project for you. Contact us today for a free quote and to learn more about this fun landscaping upgrade.

Why an Artificial Putting Green?

We’ve already highlighted how adding a natural grass putting green is just not a good idea for the average homeowner or business owner. But why add a putting green to your landscaping at all? There are many great benefits that come with adding this feature, including those listed below –

  • It’s fun! Sometimes, it’s best not to overthink your decisions. At the core of the matter, an artificial putting green will make for a fun addition to your property. When you have a few minutes free, you can walk out with a putter and a few golf balls to work on your game. Even if you aren’t someone who is obsessed with golf and plays at every opportunity, you can still enjoy this relaxing activity to relieve stress and spend some time outside.
  • Green all year long. In addition to adding a fun activity to your property, a putting green is also going to cover a portion of your land with material that will be green throughout the year. No matter what kind of weather has been visiting your area, you’ll always have this green patch to build the rest of your landscaping around. Also, if you are working on a landscape design that doesn’t include a lawn – an idea that has become more and more popular – adding a putting green will accomplish some of the same effect without the need to mow or water.
  • Gathering place. When family or friends come over to hang out at your property, the putting green is sure to be a place where everyone comes together for some fun competition. Rather than just sitting around a patio table, your putting green will give visitors something to do, and may encourage them to stay longer and extend the party well into the evening.

Adding Long-Term Value

You probably won’t opt for a putting green with the single motivation of adding value to your property. More likely, you’ll want to make this addition for some of the reasons we listed above. However, as a nice bonus, you may find that this upgrade has added value to your property when the time does come to sell.

Prospective buyers will be just as excited as that list of benefits as you were originally when you had the green installed, and this durable feature should continue to perform nicely for many years ahead. So, if you are able to get plenty of enjoyment out of the putting green in the near term, and you can then recover some of your investment later on when you sell the property, this decision starts to look like an easy one.

Get the Job Done Right

While there is virtually no maintenance to handle once your putting green is in place, the act of installing that putting green is a little bit complicated. If you are going to get the look and performance that you desire from this project, it’s critical that you hire a company that has done the work before and knows what to watch for along the way.

One of the big pitfalls that must be avoided on this project is leaving creases or small ridges in the artificial turf. The surface needs to be smooth if it is going to offer an enjoyable and realistic putting experience. A good installer will know how to get the turf as tight as possible so your putts roll true and right into the bottom of the cup.

Bring your dream of a personal putting green to life with help from North Idaho Pavers. Whether you are an avid golfer keen on improving your performance, or you just want to add a nice feature that will be fun for friends and family to use, our team is here and ready to serve you. We hope to hear from you soon.

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