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Paved Parking Lot Services Idaho

Paved Parking Lot ServicesHaving a professionally paved parking lot is essential for any home or business that is regularly traveled. Not only does a smooth, well-paved lot enhance the appearance of an area, but the quality of paving and maintenance play a major role in overall safety and longevity.

We will take the time and attention necessary to prepare the area before installing pavers. Proper preparation is vital to the longevity of your parking lot. We’ll measure the area and level it as needed. Pavers with sand-filled joints make excellent parking pads and will be resistant to cracking or settling. To have your parking lot paved correctly and truly last, contact the professionals at North Idaho Pavers. We are equipped to handle all your parking lot project needs.

When you think of the average parking lot, “beautiful” is probably not the word that comes to mind. Most parking lots look fine, and some of them are really quite ugly – but rarely are they considered to be an aesthetic element that adds positively to a property.

That is, of course, unless it’s a paver parking lot created by North Idaho Pavers. In that case, the finished product will be something that everyone will appreciate each time they pull in for a visit. Whether used on a commercial or residential property, a paver parking lot is a feature piece that can offer outstanding performance for years to come. Get in touch with our team today to learn more!

Why Pavers for a Parking Lot?

Many people don’t even consider other options for materials that could be used to create a parking lot. When the need to build such a space comes up, the choice comes down to asphalt or concrete – and that’s usually the end of it. But what if pavers could provide you with a better finished product?

At North Idaho Pavers, you won’t be surprised to learn that we love what pavers offer to a parking lot project. The attractive, traditional look of the finished product just can’t be achieved any other way. And, you don’t have to make any sacrifices in terms of performance or reliability. You’ll be able to expect a long, low-maintenance life from this new driveway, even if it sees a lot of traffic day after day.

The Key Word is Quality

Without a doubt, the most important part of creating a paver parking lot is making sure the work is done correctly by a professional team. It’s all about quality on this kind of job, as lackluster work by your contractor will leave you disappointed in the end result and perhaps dealing with problems in short order.

For one thing, the prep work under the new parking lot needs to be done properly and carefully so the pavers have a solid foundation on which to sit. If your contractor cuts corners while preparing the site to lay the pavers, the completed parking lot will be uneven and might be prone to sinking or dipping as time passes and the weather warms and cools seasonally. You also need to make sure the contractor you hire has the skill and experience to create clean, straight lines as the pavers are installed – even minor errors can be glaring and will take away from the look of the project.

Of course, none of these things are going to be an issue if you hire North Idaho Pavers for the project. With so much experience in this field, and so many satisfied clients to our credit, there is no doubt that we are up to the challenge of crafting even the largest paver parking lot. When making a significant investment like what is required to build this kind of parking lot, make sure you get it right the first time by partnering with North Idaho Pavers.

Let’s Design Something Great

Perhaps the most fun part of this project is the design phase, where we can think about what the finished product will look like and present you with a range of ideas to consider. Given the size of the average parking lot, there is plenty of space to use – so we might be able to include creative designs or patterns within the layout. For a business, it’s even possible to use the parking lot as a branding opportunity, working in design elements that tie into your brand’s visuals in some way.

While you obviously have the final say in what the design will look like, our creative team will help you understand what is possible and what is likely to look good, even the shape of the parking lot and other factors. It’s an open collaboration between all parties that will allow us to arrive at a plan that you love.

If you are getting ready to start a parking lot project and you don’t want to settle for the same old boring patch of asphalt and every other property in the area, turn to North Idaho Pavers for a fresh approach. Our paver parking lots are works of art that will be a source of pride on your property for the long run. It all starts by getting in touch with our team, so reach out today and we’ll be glad to discuss your needs. Thank you for stopping by!

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