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Water Features SandpointWater features, such as fountains, make a beautiful addition to any landscape. Water features provide a naturally soothing and calming background sound. If you’re considering adding a water feature to your home, our expert water feature contractors in North Idaho can help. Contact us for a consultation so we can find out more details about the scope of your project.

If installing a water feature yourself seems daunting, North Idaho Pavers will incorporate your needs and style to create the perfect option. We use high quality, durable materials to provide long-lasting results. We will also instruct you on how to use and maintain your water feature so it can provide long-term enjoyment.

If you have thought about adding a water feature to your property, you probably already know two things to be true – water features are beautiful, and they can be complicated. Trying to do it yourself on this project can quickly become overwhelming, so you might decide to scrap the idea altogether.

North Idaho Pavers is here to help. Our experienced team can overcome all of the challenges that come with a water feature project, so you are left with a stunning piece that serves as a cornerstone in your landscape design for years to come. Reach out right away for a free quote and we can work together to bring this dream to life!

The Appeal of a Water Feature

Investing in a new water feature for your property is a choice that can pay off in a variety of ways. While finishing a landscape design project is going to require many different elements – things like grass, plants, trees, etc. – adding a water feature can be the glue that holds it all together and really finishes the design nicely. The points below highlight what it is about a water feature that’s so appealing –

  • The sound. There is something about the sound of trickling or falling water that is soothing and peaceful. If you plan to spend a lot of time outside on your property, having that nice sound going in the background will add to the ambiance and give the overall property a more natural feel. Also, if this project is going to be for a commercial property, your customers and clients will enjoy having such a nice noise going on when they pay you a visit.
  • Drawing in nature. With water collected in this feature – even if it’s only a small pond – you may find that nature is drawn in closer than it would be otherwise. For example, you might have some local birds pay a visit to the water to take a quick drink. This is just another way that the water feature can enhance the overall feel of your property when it is completed.
  • A centerpiece. Landscape design is made easier when you have one specific item that serves as the focal point or centerpiece of your layout. The water feature doesn’t literally need to be in the middle of your landscaping, of course, but once you decide where it is going to go, bringing the rest of the design together should be pretty simple.

A Challenging Task

Creating a quality water feature requires a combination of skills that can be hard to find without hiring a contractor that has experience in this field. Depending on the materials used for the project, there might be masonry required, and electricity is going to be needed to power a pump. There is also the aesthetic element to consider, so a contractor with an eye for building attractive water features is important.

You don’t want to turn your water feature project over to a team that doesn’t have any experience with these jobs. At North Idaho Pavers, we’ve done this type of work many times over, and you can trust that the results you receive from our team will make you proud to show off this new element to family and friends.

Built to Last

Yet another great thing about a good water feature is how it can play the featured role on your property for many years ahead. Where some of your landscaping is going to need to be replaced regularly, that’s not the case with a water feature – with just a bit of basic maintenance, you can keep this element for as long as you continue to enjoy how it looks and sounds.

Of course, the durability of a water feature is only going to play out in the real world if you have durable materials used and trust a proven team to do the installation. We want to make sure this is an investment that delivers maximum value to you over the years ahead. Our team will help you pick out the right materials to produce something that will last for a very long time to come.

Adding a water feature to your property is a huge upgrade in the look and feel of the overall space. With help from North Idaho Pavers, this doesn’t have to be an intimidating project – instead, you can enjoy the process and look forward to a beautiful finished product soon enough. Get in touch today to learn more about what we have to offer!

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