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Synthetic Turf Installation ServicesOur experienced installers have mastered the art of synthetic grass installation and will work to find the right lawn solution for you. We use synthetic grass that is kid and pet-friendly, eliminates unsightly weeds and pests, is of the highest quality to withstand years of wear and tear, and is better at draining which means no more mud puddles!

If you want to experience the benefits of synthetic turf, call North Idaho Pavers to set up a consultation. With synthetic turf, you can reduce your weekend maintenance, stop buying fertilizers, reduce pesticides, and avoid extensive watering. Synthetic turf is low maintenance, thereby freeing up your time and energy, and at the same time, providing the look of healthy, green grass.

Few people would argue with the idea that a lush green lawn looks beautiful. Not only does a nice lawn upgrade the look of nearly any property, but it can be a functional space as well. For many people, their lawn is a point of pride, and keeping it looking great is something that demands much of their time and effort.

But what if you don’t want to put in that effort? Or maybe you just want something that will look great throughout the year? Modern synthetic turf has come a long way from the earliest products on the market, and it’s now a worthy alternative to a natural grass lawn. North Idaho Pavers would be happy to install a new synthetic turf lawn on your residential or commercial property so you can start to enjoy the many benefits right away.

The Case for Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf InstallationFor many people, the switch to synthetic turf can be tricky. On the one hand, they are loyal to natural grass and the traditional look and feel it provides. However, they know that many benefits can be enjoyed with synthetic turf, so it is worth a closer look. In this section, we’ll break down some of the many advantages of making this change.

  • Very little maintenance. To be sure, this is going to be the selling point for many homeowners and business owners. With a lawn that you rarely need to maintain, you’ll save significant time and quite a bit of money throughout the year. Other than perhaps raking up some leaves or occasionally sweeping off dirt and debris, there is almost nothing you’ll need to do to the lawn on a consistent basis.
  • Green all year long. In Idaho, we experience some dramatic weather changes throughout the year. Those changes can take a serious toll on grass, making it hard to keep it looking green and lush. In the summer, you might not be able to apply enough water to keep it green – and winter weather is sure to take the shine away as it goes into a soggy, dormant state. None of these factors need to be considered with synthetic grass, as it’s going to be just as green in July as it is in January.
  • Great to use. Even when a natural grass lawn looks great, it might not be that suitable for running around and playing with kids or pets. The ground underneath the grass might be too soft, or it might be bumpy in spots. With a quality synthetic turf lawn, it will always be in good condition and ready for games of soccer, catch, cornhole, or whatever else you have in mind.
  • Kind to the environment. As mentioned above, you might need to put a lot of water on a natural grass lawn in the middle of an Idaho summer. If drought conditions exist, that might not be the best use of such a resource. Again here, we see how a synthetic lawn comes out ahead, as no water is used while it continues to look its best.

Financial Matters

Tne argument you may see against a synthetic turf lawn is the upfront cost of having it installed. And, to be sure, you’ll need to spend more upfront than you would to just buy some soil and seed and get a natural lawn started. However, you need to think of the big picture here, and the costs of that natural lawn are soon going to add up.

Ongoing costs include mowing – either paying someone to do it or buying your own equipment – as well as fertilizer, pest control, etc. As the years pass, you’ll continue to put money into your natural grass lawn, while the synthetic version will be a one-time expense that you can continue to reap the benefits of long into the future.

Use Synthetic Turf in Various Ways

While it’s commonly used as a replacement for a natural lawn, that’s just one of many options with this type of product. You might also want to consider having a putting green installed on your property or using the turf in place of a traditional patio space. Also, synthetic turf can make for a great dog run area, as it won’t break down under the constant use of the dogs as would be the case with real grass or other organic materials.

Synthetic turf is great, but only when it is installed properly by a professional team. North Idaho Pavers is familiar with this challenge, and we’ll make sure this section of your property lives up to your expectations for years to come. Thank you for stopping by and we are excited to serve you!

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